Among the many cherished moments we share with our guests, none shine brighter than our annual Christmas Eve celebration. Picture a festive atmosphere, the sound of joyous carols, and the warmth of shared moments—the heart and soul of our cherished tradition.

For years, locals and guests alike have marked their calendars for this enchanting evening. What makes it so special? It’s a magical fusion of community, music, delectable dining, and a vibrant sense of togetherness that truly encapsulates the spirit of Christmas.

A local choir singing carols that echo through the halls of the Great Room. Guests are invited to participate in the singing of the “12 Days of Christmas.” Laughter and shared joy fill the air as everyone participates in this spirited rendition, adding their own unique flair to the beloved song.

This festive spirit extends seamlessly to the meticulously curated dinner—a culinary journey that elevates the evening. Executive Chef Halva Brown and his adept team orchestrate a feast that tantalizes the palate, skillfully merging local flavors with traditional holiday fare.