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Chifa Chi is the brainchild of co-creators, American Elizabeth Wilson and Peruvian Luis de los Heros. Their global travels exposed them to an array of different cultures and countries. A fascination and openness to their surrounding environments laid the groundwork for the character.

Their imaginations, coupled with the belief that the next adventure is always just around the corner, led them to the conclusion that optimism was central to their utter enjoyment of wildly different situations. During a trip to Luis’ native Peru, Elizabeth discovered its delicious Chinese-Peruvian influenced food, referred to as Chifa, and the name Chifa Chi was born.

Chifa Chi is an active little girl who is always ready for travel and new adventures. She is eager to learn and excel at everything she sets her mind to, but never at the expense of fun and camaraderie. As she travels, she finds new friends in the local animals wherever she goes. They, in turn, help her navigate the unique places in which she finds herself.

Chifa Chi personifies universal values we wish to instill in children, such as friendship, compassion, sharing, perseverance and, most of all, optimism. It is the hope of Elizabeth and Luis that Chifa Chi and her friends may inspire children and adults everywhere to stay positive and use their imaginations.

Did you know that Chifa Chi visited Nevis?

And of course Chifa Chi visited Montpelier Plantation and Beach.

Books can be obtained through,, ebay, etc. Apart from Nevis, Chifa Chi traveled to Washington DC, New York City, Cuzco and Machu Picchu and soon we will have the opportunity to read her adventures from Hong Kong.

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